Vcam Inspection System With MP4 Recording Facility

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Vcam Inspection System With MP4 Recording Facility



  • Inspection, checks and double-checks for every one
  • Simple operation with intuitive menu interface
  • Recording at the touch of a button using the integrated MP4 recorder
  • 60 GB hard drive with Windows-style data management without the need for confusing media
  • Integrated locating probes with the frequencies 33 kHz, 512 Hz, 640 Hz (compatible with all common locators)
  • Watertight keyboard for immediate data entry or subsequent editing

The vCam is the third generation of CCTV inspection camera designed and developed by Vivax. As with all Vivax products – the design has been heavily infl uenced by our Customers and the experience of extensive field use. It is sold and supported by dedicated professionals around the world.

The vCam CCTV pushrod inspection cameras, provides the choice of two control modules – the vCamView for viewing only, and the vCamDigital for viewing and recording. Three reel options are offered “The Cart” (Type-C – 100 ft / 30 m or 200 ft / 60 m pushrod cable), which is the standard reel, “The Mini” (Type-M –100 ft / 30 m pushrod cable) for those requiring a small reel, and a “large reel” (Type-P - 400 ft / 120 m pushrod cable). The pushrod cable comes in two sizes 10 mm for use in small diameter pipes, and the 12 mm diameter for larger pipes, and/or longer distances. Standard and Self leveling cameras are available for each cable size.

The vCam range of pushrod CCTV Inspection cameras was designed and developed with the help of Customers who use these products on a daily basis. Each of the following features are in response to their specific requests.






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